ONO’s Red Summer Out 5.1.20

American Dreams is more than happy to present our fourth release – the long-in-the-making Red Summer by Chicago gospel industrial titans ONO. We began working on this in 2015, and are very excited to debut it in full on 5.1.20. We already have a release show lined up at The Empty Bottle with Moor Mother and Buck Gooter.

It’s been “Red Summer” for over a hundred years. While the term “Red Summer” typically refers to the race-driven violence in the Summer of 1919 across the United States, its repercussions, its vocabulary can be felt or heard on every corner of every street. In Chicago, it has a special significance, as Chicago was one of two catalysts for that era’s violence, exploded by invisible racial borders along the South Side, a phenomenon that exists today, constantly considered by long-running gospel industrial band ONO.

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