JJ Cromer was kind enough to sign and letter the 10 test pressings publicly available for sale. Comes with cover illustration as high-quality german etching.

All physical media comes with a digital download card

Jordan Reyes

1. Avalanche
2. Dark Pool
3. Lost Machine
4. Quicksand
5. Closer
6. Penitence

Making music on the synthesizer is an activity of erasure for me. I’ve been sober for over 5 years at this point, but I think a lot about addiction still, and how that impulse, habit, biochemistry has warped since I quit drinking and drugging. I frequently ask myself why did I bring myself so close to oblivion? Well, to forget the pain of being alive. I don’t feel the pain quite so constantly these days, but I do have a fixation on bringing myself to the brink of waking unconsciousness. I get there with long distance running, for instance. Running has been a constant companion in my recovery. It’s when I do my clearest thinking and my clearest unthinking. At some point, my self just seems to slip away. And that’s kind of what happens when I have my consciousness buried in my synthesizer – I’m not mentally there anymore. I’m wading waist deep in patch cords, searching and searching. At any rate, Close is about that.

released June 14, 2019

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