Made specifically for "After Dark," we've got our own custom Forest Management lavender soap. Pick it up with a copy of the record. Limited to 50. Priority Mail only because of non-media item.

All physical media comes with a digital download card

Forest Management
After Dark

1. Seventh Time's A Charm
2. In The Building (1999)
3. A Smell So Sweet
4. Patterns In The Carpet
5. Magnolia
6. Sitting On Rocky Streams
7. Fake Rose And 24 Karat
8. The Blue Light Blues
9. Hollywood Ave
10. The Grand Lobby
11. Chances Of Surveillance (2019)
12. Walk Along Broadway
13. All I Know

Recorded in Chicago, Toronto, and Manhattan, 2019
Mastered by Mikey Young
John Daniel: Turntable (Debussy's La Mer), Signal Processing, iPhone
Photograph Taken By Ed Stuparitz

released November 29, 2019


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