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claire rousay

Untitled 2 - 24:40

Claire Rousay - electronics, guitar, voice
Henna Chou - cello, electronics, objects
Mari Maurice - violin, objects

“Untitled 2,” the sole composition on Claire Rousay’s Live, was created for Rousay specifically in collaboration with Mari Maurice (violin, objects) and Henna Chou (cello, electronics). “They are two musicians I trust wholeheartedly,” she explains. “This is equally due to their technical abilities as well as our friendships outside of the performance space. I wanted their personalities, sound, and improvisational styles to really shine.” Rousay crafted the piece for the release performance of her album a softer focus, made in collaboration with visual artist Dani Toral, and knew that it needed to reflect the substance and flavor of that release while also not overstaying its welcome. Its execution was clean, deliberate, but also fun - “We did a 10 minute soundcheck prior to tracking the video/audio,” Rousay explains. “There were text scores handed out that utilized timestamps and performance instructions as the main way of guiding the three of us through the piece, but it was intentionally very loose.” A lush accompaniment and continuation of a softer focus, Live is Rousay in the moment, directing and reacting in real-time, fully engaged, fully loving the process.

released July 2, 2021

Mastered by Andrew Weathers


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