Welcome to American Dreams Records. We’re an experimental record label dedicated to showcasing art inspired by patience, intention, and hope. Our ethos is rooted in storytelling, inclusivity, community, and cohabitation with the natural world.  What began as a distro in the experimental realm graduated into a full label with a heavy music imprint: American Decline Records. [Our website is under construction – check back for updates!]

Upcoming releases are:

Thrilled to be welcoming composer Brett Naucke back to ADR for his next LP Mirror Ensemble out 10.1.21. The album is a trio album with Chicago mainstays Natalie Chami (TALsounds) and Whitney Johnson (Matchess).

Mirror Ensemble is Naucke at his compositional and conceptual best. It’s a synthesizer record, an orchestral record, and in some ways even a soundtrack. It’s a fierce burst into new territory, and with Naucke’s adventurous, ambitious writing and recording, there’s no telling where his attention will turn next. 

Check it on Bandcamp, too

Photo by Ricardo Adame

Out 9.17.21 is the debut LP Hold On, Hold Fast from Chicago supergroup of sorts, featuring performance artist and musician Havadine Stone on vocals and multi-instrumentalist Ben Baker Billington on electronics and percussion. This is some supremely fucked music, like a headier, more free jazz inspired version of power electronics with insightful, occasionally transgressive words. Just brilliant stuff.

Bandcamp link here

On 9.3.21, we are releasing the second LP Lamplighter by Gerycz/Powers/Rolin. This is a transcendental, psychedelic album created largely through improvisation, and almost fully acoustic. Think Amon Duül meets Jack Rose.

Singles up on Bandcamp

Walt McClements’ debut LP Through A Hole In The Fence is out on 8.13. It’s an ambient record, in many senses, though often shares more similarity with artists like Coil, Alessandro Cortini, and Pauline Oliveros, inspecting and exploring tonality through an accordion rather than synthesizers. Absolutely brilliant!

Jam singles on Bandcamp

Sunk Heaven’s new album THE FVCKHEAѪTED LVNG, which comes out 8.6.21. “THE FVCKHEAѪTED LVNG is noisy but lucid, fittingly never falling into tropes or molds of academic experimentalism or no-wave. Within its sounds is a reverence for the body and an entreaty to reason. It isn’t an album that dwells on what’s proper, instead focusing on what is, or what must be. Survival is necessary, as can be extreme lengths. But when the time to break from your timed tomb comes, do you choose to hit the snooze button?”

You can hear the singles on Bandcamp!


Chicago/Stockholm trio ZRL’s new LP Our Savings, out 7.30.21, is a mesmerizing collection of free music compositions recorded while at Edgar Miller’s Glasner Studio. You can hear the singles via Bandcamp!

Southwest guitarist Cameron Knowler’s Places of Consequence, which comes out 7.16.21. You may be familiar with his work via the virtuosic recent duo release Anticipation in conjunction with Eli Winter. The three singles from Places of Consequence are available to stream via Bandcamp.

In recent releases news, we just released the debut LP from Devin Shaffer, In My Dreams I’m There, out June 18. Shaffer moves through dreamscapes with field recordings, fingerstyle guitar and synthesizers. Check out the video for “Enemy,” directed by Carl Solether and colored by Emily Sprague of Florist, below.