Welcome to American Dreams Records. We’re an experimental record label dedicated to showcasing art inspired by patience, intention, and hope. Our ethos is rooted in storytelling, inclusivity, community, and cohabitation with the natural world.  What began as a distro in the experimental realm graduated into a full label with a heavy music imprint: American Decline Records. [Our website is under construction – check back for updates!]

We just announced the debut LP from Devin Shaffer, In My Dreams I’m There, out June 18. Shaffer moves through dreamscapes with field recordings, fingerstyle guitar and synthesizers. Check out the video for “Enemy,” directed by Carl Solether and colored by Emily Sprague of Florist, below. 

We’re excited to present Thankrupcy, a tape of extended drone excursions from ragenap, the project of local legend concert archivist Joel Berk. Thankrupcy highlights a long drone piece in the vein of Stars of the Lid or our friend (and Mute Duo guitarist) Sam Wagster. Thankrupcy comes out May 28th, and copies are flying off the shelves – get one today!

The debut LP from RES, Strife of Permanence, releases on May 21. The project of artist and composer Robert Stokowy, RES connects sound art with rough musical textures in the doom metal vein, drawing from crust punk, Kollwitz, Caravaggio, Carson McCullers, and more. If you like Darkthrone, Mantar or Alvin Lucier, we think you’ll like this.

We’re over the moon to share the new album from claire rousay, a softer focus — a collaboration with visual artist Dani Toral — on April 9. rousay created the music, largely melodic, pop-ish, hypnagogic, and Toral created the album’s language and visual landscape. It’s a testament to rousay and Toral’s trust, playfulness, and candor that we’re allowed to come along for the ride. Check out their video for “peak chroma” below.


We just released the new LP Anticipation by precocious guitarists Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter! These two crafted their debut duo LP while touring through Texas, though their friendship goes back longer. Balancing old-time music traditions with modern experimental guitar sensibilities, Anticipation will have your mouth watering if you’re fans of cats like Michael Chapman, Sarah Louise, Bert Jansch, or Jack Rose.

Surprise! We released Havadine Stone’s Hyena on March 19. This album is all about mimesis, creating a space, and what it means to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Havadine is a genius, and one of Chicago’s best secrets. Buy now or look like a goof later.

We recently reissued the first two albums from Pale Spring, CYGNUS and DUSK, on LP. We loved these records when they first came out in 2019 and ’20 — notice a charming, in-depth interview with Pale Spring purveyors Emily Harper Scott and Drew Scott on our website — and have been itching to bring them a wide release. Grab one or a bundle of both.