Welcome to American Dreams Records – we’re an online store & label dedicated to the global underground. What began as a distro in the experimental realm graduated into a full label with a heavy music imprint – American Decline Records.

We just announced the new LP Sand Like Stardust by American Dreams founder & ONO member Jordan Reyes, out 11.20.20. Here’s some of the description: “‘I envisioned the record as a journey through human expression over the course of one day,’ says Chicago composer and ONO member Jordan Reyes, musing on his sophomore album Sand Like Stardust. When planning the album, Reyes wanted to consider the trajectory of American music, drawing a throughline from the oral traditions enmeshed in blues, country, folk to contemporary underground music, splicing together acoustic instrumentation with an experimental, electronic sensibility.”

Right before that comes After Commodore Perry Service Plaza by the Baldi/Gerycz Duo, out 10.30.20. Dylan Baldi and Jayson Gerycz both play in the acclaimed indie rock band Cloud Nothings, a band who soundtrack a sizable portion of my workouts still. It’s sick to see them go in the direction of free jazz!

Our next release is Andrée Burelli’s De Sidera, which arrives 10.16.20. Burelli released one of my all-time favorite ambient/drone recordings back in 2018 called I Could Go Lucid, released under the name Bodyverse by the amazing Lontano Series. We’ve been in contact since then, and I’m absolutely stoked to be sharing the first single, and title track of the album. This record’s been a long time coming!

Earlier we had Brett Naucke’s EMS Hallucinations – it’s a wonderful LP of experimental electronics that go from the kinetic to the far out. Naucke recorded this entirely while on his residency at Stockholm’s EMS, and used their Buchla 200 System and their Serge Modular System to make it. Video for Naucke’s “Hallucinations II” by Cinema.av below the jump!