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Demo 2019
Edition of 50, self released in April 2019
Later reissued as a hyper-limited cassette on Corpse Torture Records.
Written and recorded on a borrowed guitar.

01. M.E.D.S.
02. T.M.T.
03. N.I.A.
04. S.D.

Fire & Life
Released on Depressive Illusions Records in June 2019
A "concept record" based on The Dark Phoenix Saga

05. The Recorder
06. An Entire World
07. The Watcher
08. Chaos Bringer
09. S.D. II

Eternal Winter
Released on Gipsy House Recordings in November 2019

10. Eradicate the Elderly
11. Eternal Winter
12. "So this is what it feels like..."

13 God?
Recorded in December 2019. Previously floating around somewhere on the internet.

All tracks written and performed by Luca Cimarusti in 2019
All tracks recorded and mixed by Michael John Grant
Remastered by Mikey Young
Photography by Michael Vallera


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