Whitehouse – Thank Your Lucky Stars


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Whitehouse’s 1990 album ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ returns as a ‘Special Vinyl Edition’, expanded with three bonus tracks off the 1997 CD edition and remastered by Noel Summerville

Recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago between 1987-1989 and originally issued in 1990, ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ marks the difference between early ‘80s Come Organisation-era Whitehouse and their subsequent recordings, being the first to incorporate percussion and a broader spectrum of textures than their “pure” noise records.

This 2018 edition in a cut of the 1997 CD, which included three bonus tracks in ‘Neronia’ co-written by Steve Albini, along with the Peter Sotos-starring ‘Sadist’ and ’Still Going Strong’, and the older, longer version of ‘My Cock’s On Fire’.

You can pretty much consider Steve Albini a part of the band alongside ringleader William Bennett (Philip Best returned to the band in 1993), making this album a pretty unique prospect within the Whitehouse armoury, especially in blinders such as the pulsating New Version of ‘My Cock’s On Fire’, and the desiccated design of ‘Neronia’ with Albini.


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