V/A – First Citizens Of The Moon


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Edition of 200 Cassettes in Unique laser cut wooden assemblages

This collection marks the first release of Cor Ardens, an artist imprint initiated by Jim Strong.  It draws on years of correspondence and relationships derived from organizing performances, screenings and exhibitions.   It spotlights an international network of artists variously combining and departing from the traditions of Poetry, Performance art, Home recording, Mail art, Radio plays, Sound installation, Improvisation, Choral Music and Experimental theater. featuring unreleased material from Blue ChemiseAmi Yamasaki, Id M Theft AblePomona ZaYixuan PanMalachi LilyJohn M. BennettCreodeCouteau SangTavishiJim Strong and Anna Mikhailova.  And a selection of rarities from the likes of Church ShuttleSpires that in the Sunset Rise and Vox Populi! To name a few.


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