They Hate Change – Cycles


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Deluxe reissue of They Hate Change’s 2015 release on Deathbomb Arc, ‘Cycles’. Expanded from 9 tracks to 16, featuring remastered b-sides, one offs, and brand new joints!!


released September 4, 2018

Tracks 1-9 from the original ‘Cycles’ release.

Bonus track info:
Georgia, Baby (2016 Demo)
Sweet Romance (2015 Demo)
Family (2016 Demo)
Pony Ft. Charles Irwin (2017 Demo)
Sandy Kissed Gary Wilson Last Night (From “Today”, 2013)
Toothache ft. Pyramid Vritra (From “Control”, 2014)
Brittany (Pyramid Vritra Remix) (From “Today”, 2013)


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