Takashi Iizuka & Jun Senoue – Sonic Adventure2 – The Official Soundtrack


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Contains “CITY ESCAPE” Illustrations, 2 full color inner sleeves with exclusive outlined Sonic Character design, comprehensive Full-Color Booklet featuring: Liner Notes by John Linneman of Digital Foundry Reflective, Interview with head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue, Song Lyrics, Character Art, Bandcamp Download Code for digital tracks

Brave Wave is proud to announce that it is collaborating with SEGA to bring the legendary soundtracks for both SONIC ADVENTURE and SONIC ADVENTURE 2 to vinyl for the first time! Both albums will each contain two LP records and will feature a selection of the games’ best tracks remastered especially for vinyl and handpicked by Sonic Adventure series Lead Composer and Sound Director Jun Senoue and the team.

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