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“By now anyone’s who been following Fallen Empire Records is aware of their decision to close up shop at the end of this year. Before that happens, though, the label still has some new releases in store for their loyal supporters. One such release is the new full-length from Ohio-based black metal punks SLAVEHOUSE, titled Taste In Pain, which came out on August 5 in cooperation with Knife Vision. Slavehouse play a raw, primitive form of punk-infused black metal that might appeal to fans of bands like Bone Awl. On listening to Taste In Pain it’s clear that they have no intention of doing anything other than going straight for the listener’s throat from the get-go. Opener ‘Self Punishment’ races out of the gate with blasts aplenty and never lets up even as it settles into a rocking groove over its last 30 seconds. The following two songs, ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Spent,’ employ more of a dirty black and roll approach, with ‘Spent’ deploying some eerie melodies to great effect (I’m almost reminded of a rawer, stripped-down version of Tribulation or Cloak here). Tracks like ‘Scorpion Whip’ and ‘Sacred Flesh’ take this melodic approach even further and really showcase Slavehouse’s ability to contrast dirty riffs against something a bit more atmospheric. Finally, the album closer ‘Putrefaction’ shows that the band are as comfortable working at a slower, sludgier pace as they are when going full-throttle. Taste In Pain showcases an economy of form that’s refreshing. With only one track exceeding the three-minute mark it’s clear that Slavehouse aren’t interested in taking any more time than absolutely necessary to tear your face off. The fact that they do it while still managing to cram enough interesting ideas into each song to keep listeners engaged is what makes this album a success.”—nocleansinging


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