Rust Belt – Accident


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Absolute swirling and grating madness, like being thrown into a harvester, chewed up and spit out only to be placed on display at the county fair. RUST BELT unleashes 10 minutes of pure harsh in the way only the midwest american crunch can portray.

Featuring a live recording from what may have been the last incarnation of these four members, it serves as a document from a completely chaotic improvised set of aggressive and caustic harsh noise. 5 minutes of madness inducing feedback, cut up, gnarly textures, shouts, metal abuse and more. A true site to behold as gear was abused and objects & shrapnel were thrown around the room, it served as the closing set of Accident Fest in Chicago at TriTriangle.

The flipside contains a cut up, abused and over layed track of the audio from the live set. No holds barred, flip the switch and the machine whirrs, nasty grating no coast noise that only the seasonally weathered can produce. Washes of tone and texture collide with constant ringing feedback, static and crunch. A short but proper document of sounds from the personification of barren farmland and machinery.


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