Ruptured – Death Fantasy


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A state of dread succumbs as embalming fluid fills your nostrils. An object forced into throat and esophagus. Steel and flesh combine and a rabid sense of excitement leads to pure aggressive tendencies.

On “Death Fantasy,” Chicago’s death worshipping harsh noise act RUPTURED drags us through two tracks of disgusting electronics and harsh noise. Side A is a dreadful and foreboding low end crunching ambience mixed with a purulent prurient fantasy. Slashes of feedback cut through the samples while fluids and openings are filled and drained. Side B is a full on assault of lo-fi crunch and rumble that builds to proper climax. Heavy and distorted static gives way to an attack of death ridden pure harsh. This is old school harsh noise that speaks as true homage to acts like Dead Body Love and the Slaughter Productions roster.


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