Rogue Squares – s/t


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Two NYC transplants who ended up crossing paths years later in Los Angeles, both Carlos Giffoni and Elaine Carey had forged renowned bodies of work on their own before joining forces as the duo Rogue Squares. Improvising around Giffoni’s studious modular synth figures and Carey’s preternatural prepared guitar manipulations, the six compact pieces on their self-titled debut imparts a collaboration steeped in an innate synergy. Expanding upon Carey’s lauded work in the duo Telecaves and Giffoni’s plentiful solo and collaborative recordings (with Merzbow, The Rita, Marcia Bassett, Thurston Moore, among many others) on labels such as Important Records, Hospital Productions, and his own No Fun Productions, Rogue Squares is the initial missive in what is sure to be a fruitful partnership.


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