Radboud Mens – “The Ambiguity of an Apparently Static Phenomenon”


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A few weeks ago while listening to this tape at the unsavory hour of 5am- I tried to articulate how perfectly Radboud Mens accomplishes true ambience; the music surrounds you in the room but unobtrusively, it puts a fresh coat of paint on whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. One of the most practical uses for ambient music, at least to me, is its ability to subtly affect and augment each moment, mundane or otherwise.

Radboud Mens has been making brilliant ambient music for the last 20 years and has been, in my opinion, criminally overlooked by American fans of experimental music. His tape, “Cycle” (NRR20, 2016), remains one of my favorite things we’ve ever put out on No Rent, and I love this tape even more.

“The Ambiguity of an Apparently Static Phenomenon” is languorous, spacious, singular ambient music. If you’re a fan of the form, then this is an impeccable execution of it.



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