R. Stevie Moore – Country Disguises


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“The godfather of home recording and veteran progressive popster R. Stevie Moore should need no introduction. With over 400 releases to his name and a career spanning 50+ years, Moore is one of my all time favourite artists and indeed the very writer of the tune this label is named after!

This compilation was originally released in 1983 and features recordings that reach back as early as 1971. It presents perhaps his most succinct collection of songs, focusing on just one of the many genres he has dabbled in: Country Music… or thereabouts.

This limited edition of 100 cassettes has been remastered by Mikey Young, with layout design by Rick Milovanovic.

To purchase just the digital album head to RSM’s own bandcamp, and grab many many more wonderful releases while you’re there!

(Note the Mikey remastered version is only available on the cassette itself, the included download and this stream!)”


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