Prurient – Buddha Strangled In Vines


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“Buddha Strangled In Vines (1997)” features three tracks of some of the earliest PRURIENT material ever recorded from the first PRURIENT sessions in 1997 and marks the 20th anniversary of the very first PRURIENT show ever, outdoors at Garner Park in Madison, WI at the debut Hospital Productions event known as “OCT 31 97”.

“Buddha Strangled In Vines (1997)” was recorded in the basement of PRURIENT mastermind Dominick Fernow’s mother’s basement to a tape recorder from her journalism school days. On it you can hear the most primitive and unconscious agony of early PRURIENT. Crude and raw, but the basis remains: voices, percussion, and feedback. The damp atmosphere and natural reverb of the simplistic and aimless striking of percussion and trash in a concrete room. A naivety and twitching unconscious. The urge came out of a sheltered ignorance fantasizing in the darkness of inability, surrounded by friends and family, to create something alone.


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