Ploughshare/Velvet Curtain


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Poppy seeds drip opium from within pressed pages. A journal of species and secrets. Journeys through the mind and meridians. A soundtrack of transmissions both mechanical and intercepted.

A superb talent of dense and diverse harsh noise comes together on this split of upcoming stalwarts of midwest noise. The A side features an impressive track from Chicago/Minneapolis artist VELVET CURTAIN. Ever changing and enveloping harsh noise textures barrage the listener like a bad dream manipulated from afar. Stereo field panning and cut up waves disorient and deluge the listener with an ever changing array of sounds. This is dynamic harsh noise like no other, fueled by investigative minds with an ear to the midwest crunch, dripping with chemical imbalance and history.

The B side features delicate and disgusting murky junk noise from Cincinnati artist PLOUGHSHARE. Heavy on atmosphere and tone, this is midwest junk metal done proper. Massive slabs of distortion accompany a constant swirling of iron and lead. Reverb drenched drips of mineral and sliced sedimentary colliding with echos and jolts of static. At times feeling like arctic blasts, descending into a dark cave with a plane rotor echoing through the corridor, creeping further and further into madness.


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