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In July ’83, writer Scott Michaelsen wrote a full article on ONO, featuring a hysterical photo of the band (at that point, Travis, P. Michael, and Ric Graham) in choir robes That year, they released the first of two albums on the SST-distributed Thermidor label, “Machines That Kill People” (soon followed by another, “Nyenui”). And as diverse as the punk/new wave scene claimed to be, the guys in ONO really tested the crowd’s patience, mixing and matching formulas like scientists gone mad. Travis was especially a sight to see and a sound to hear, going onstage in a full-on, triple-tiered wedding dress, crooning like Paul Robeson raised up from the dead. Reigning gospel queen Mahalia Jackson was a major influence – “Nyenui” included a jawdropping half-acapella version of “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord,” where Travis manages to sound halfway between Robeson and Bono (Sonny Bono, that is). And if you think it’s shocking hearing him do this on record in 1984, you should hear him sing along in his own house in 2008. Man hasn’t lost a step. I asked Travis what he thought Mahalia would say if she could hear him, and he figured she’d say “‘MORE POWER TO YA!’ She’s from New Orleans, she’d understand!” Strangely enough, a lot of the scenesters didn’t…

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