Jacks – からっぽの世界 / いい娘だね


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Representative song “The world of the empty world” in analogue! 7 inches of famous recording of Jacks has gone through half a century! 

Appears at the dawn of rock in Japan, a tremendous support until the modern day with a short activity period Jacks continues to receive. The lyrics world which Hayakawa Yoshio stepped into the human inner world and its own musicality pillar based on its spirit and thought had many subsequent influences. 
The “empty world” on the A side is their representative songs unknown. B side “It is a good girl” is a precious song that is not included in the studio album. 
Cutting from Original Master Tape at the time of Nippon Columbia’s own sound recording, faithful to the original version (Tact) at the same time reprinted with “Marianne / Clock watch”!” – Google Translate

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