Hum of the Druid – A Strange Export


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The first new recordings released since “Predatory Outlook,” marking the 15th anniversary of the project, this has glimpses of similarly chilling melodic ambient music but runs a much wider spectrum of industrial noise, electro-acoustic, and pure dark experimental spirit committed to analog 4-track with edges exposed, created intuitively and with some kind of unspoken guidance only worth mentioning in vague terms because that’s all I have anyway. In March 2018 I was preparing to record this album and remembered a phrase I had come up with earlier, “A Strange Export,” and during a walk that evening the rest of the titles came to me in order. During the next week I recorded every night and this was the result, with only minor finalization taking place over the next month. After recording, I found a sketchbook where I had written “A Strange Export” in the previous year or two, then found another old sketchbook where I had written “A Strange Export” on the back close to 5 years earlier. I don’t unconsciously write the same thing multiple times so the phrase seems to have had some ongoing significance that only necessitated use in 2018. The inside j-card features a large drawing scaled down also called “A Strange Export” that was created alongside the creation of its audial namesake. This isn’t an explanation, just a description, and this album of dark spiritual industrial music speaks for itself.
-Eric Stonefelt 6/13/18


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