Haus Arafna – Butterfly


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Haus Arafna’s third album is a fiery, darkly aggressive mix of vocal, analogue-electronic, steel and well-structured noise. Catchy or cumbersome according to how you look at them. This crossover between power-electronics brutality, wave-minimality, and the industrialist’s love of experimentation, has merged to create a new dark-music form of expression. It should be referred to as “Angst-Pop”, because that best describes the end-result. Although the music shows no evidence of the continuously open structures of industrial, the listener doesn’t lose out on the energetic and rudimentary electronic character of the sound that makes industrial so listenable. A LoFi sound experience awaits the listener, which is far removed from the intrinsic monotony and tristesse of purely computer-generated emulation-electronics.
:: CD in jewel case, 16-page booklet incl. all lyrics


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