Hallucinogenic Bulb – Pulsating


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“Pulsating was created through the instantiation and manipulation of live recordings, real-life recorded samples, and raw data from files converted into sound using specifically-written software that utilizes the Unity game engine. Tracks A1, A2 and B2 were performed and recorded at live shows. Track B1 was recorded at Hallucinogenic Bulb HQ.

Side A is dedicated to Mat Trask.

Special thanks and shout-outs:
Orb Tapes, Gene/MOYOGASH, Vince/No Quarter Productions, Paul/Voiceless Nasal, Jay/Century, Sean, Rish, Tall Matt, Etienne, Alpha and also Bootis, Dan/Cop Jokes, Evan/Skryer, Macey, John, Moons, No Gods, Copley Woods, Miles, Vaughn, Burial Frog, DeAnna, Nick/Black Fires, Cory/Zombieshark!, The Owls, ANWTS, Benny G/Regrown, Casino, Joe Stanley/Nameless Prints, Yuckmouf, and everyone else who hasn’t had the good sense to stop me yet, or worse, enabled me.” — HB


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