DJ Speedsick – Nothing Lasts


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“I think i read that part of this album was recorded in Chicago or somewhere in the Midwest & all it took was one glance at the track titles to (once again) re-affirm a basic truth (& rare virtue): unlike almost every other underground culture/music scene that encounters psychedelics (triggering some latent need to to explore/transcend / reflect/ etc) , dropping acid in the Midwest USA inevitably leads to a “Head Full of Hate” , “Deathtrips”, and maybe best of all , fiending for cid so bad you hit up some of your “Northside Acid” dealer friend that stole almost everything you owned plus your beta fighting fish. My point is that DJ SPEEDSTICK is another glorious mile marker in an.almost unbroken chain of Midwestern acid foot soldiers, acid lovers/survivors ….(think Drop Bass) and acid casuslities (sic). I rate it 10 out 10 strips.” – Someone on Bandcamp


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