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Conscious Summary is the project of sound artist and audio engineer Samur Khouja who over the past decade has maintained a vital presence within the Los Angeles experimental music community through his captivating performances, expertly crafted recordings, and selfless efforts hosting and curating the venue the Handbag Factory. As Conscious Summary Khouja uses a vast and ever evolving sonic palette to gracefully merge elements from often disparate sound worlds into one unique and crystalized vision. His latest offering, Exhaustions, being no exception.

Conceived during a month long trek through India, Exhaustions is comprised of three pieces, composed for synthesizer and voice, that tastefully nod to the landscape focused soundworks
of Michel Redolfi and Pauline Oliveros while maintaining a sense of identity equally rooted in drone and electronic psychedelia. Heavily meditative, yet increasingly foreboding, the interplay between richly textured analog ambience and processed field recordings on Exhaustions is willfully oppositional; seeking to both envelop the listener in an auditory fog where themes of miscommunication and dislocation swim intertwined, while also simultaneously questioning concepts of harmony and resolution.

A dichotomy in both sound and intent, Exhaustions is a compelling piece of modern electronic composition ripe in both concept and execution that showcases a bold step forward for an artist who continues to grow his sound while consistently defying classification.


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