Civic Center – Even A Worm Will Turn


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The sophomore release from Civic Center, Even a Worm Will Turn, is an altogether more deranged, yet more coherent collection of songs than the project’s debut, A Place for the Weak. This new collection sees Civic Center exploring a decidedly rhythmic terrain, while sacrificing none of the unhinged alchemy that made that first release so captivating.

Even a Worm Will Turn crystallizes a sound that sits at a rare nexus: a vocal delivery that summons the early days of power-electronics, Boss-pedal knob-spinning atmospherics in the esteemed Chris Carter tradition, and bass guitar playing that evokes the barest of post-punk’s bone rattling. The results are unsettling, and frequently quite beautiful.

What’s more, Even a Worm Will Turn utilizes a certain “ding-dong” that’ll immediately ring familiar to anyone intimately acquainted with our city’s beloved transit authority.


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