Cardinal & Nun – s/t


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Cardinal & Nun-12 inch

A1. I Met The Devil A2. Go Away B1. Empoisonne B2. Disintergration

Cardinal & Nun from Marseille, France delivers his debut ep for L.I.E.S. with a four track no holds barred synth punk assault. Injecting energy into the dead, channeling chaos and turmoil into his music, he rips through four tracks with a rough yet somehow elegant approach…raw to the bone yet flawlessly arranged. Synths that sound like guitars, guitars that sound like synths, metallic drum machines with a human touch and deranged vocals fuel this record til the end. Think Screamers meet Chrome meet Liasions with a healthy dose of southern california gutter punks on meth and you’re in the right place. Marseille is where it is all happening right now and this is a documented confirmation of it!

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