Buck Young II: Where Do You Want It (Vinyl & Cassette Versions)




When Liberty Bells start ringing in your ears and tell you to head West, by all means load up your booze and heartache and set out chasing the legacy of Mark Twain’s comet or Peter Garland’s Americas. Zoe Burke & Jason Crumer of Buck Young, flush with the wild success of “Proud Trash Sound,” wallow through two full LPs on a sentimental Grand Tour, and it doesn’t take long for freedom to unravel.

“Where Do You Want It?” is dedicated to an ambience that is patiently dismantled and left to hang in a state of good-humored but ominous unease–an unease one might well encounter in the company of scorpions and lurking gunslingers. Still, let the booze do the talking and you might muster courage enough to make an inappropriate long-distance phone call, tackle a heist with the ghost of Conlon Nancarrow, or drive headlong into a thundering convulsive twister.

With West Coast Master Joseph Hammer reinventing loops from his well hung Nagra, co-author Burke (of Sapphogeist) belting out cold-sweat fever-dream ballads, and AF Jones providing the Cracker Barrel nostalgia riffs repeated in an intermittent and inevitable slow fade to the bitter end, no dust is left unreturned. Add to that contributions from Vanessa Rossetto, Rosie Rae (Apologist), deadpan narration by Richard Dunn (ffh), Waylon Riffs (facedowninshit) and a little noise from Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft).

Crumer’s map is not exactly what you might find for yourself on the same journey. But the gunfights, boozy ballads, twisters of noise and pensive loops do lull long roads into silence, singularly tracing a downward spiral to the end of America.

– Tom Grimley

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