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My Inability To Not Tell Stories

There are so many blogs out there.

It’s fucked up actually. I just went through a mind-numbing couple of days dredging up email contacts for sites where I hope to get some coverage for American Damage and American Dreams releases. We’re talking multiple hundreds, and I looked up every single person. A lot of it was a slog, I’ll be honest, but I also found so many people dedicated to just showing off music and art they were interested in. Total labors of love. For my money, the smaller, the better. I love reading individuals talking through their days, their experiences, their interpretations of art, and I think perhaps that is something lacking in a lot of music coverage these days.

I respect the journalistic side of music, obviously – I do some for a living! Analyses and histories can be invigorating and important, but what about creative or personal writing? What about talking through how music makes you feel, the stories it imparts, the effects that linger?

I think perhaps I will start doing some of that here. This will not be done with any regularity. It is for my amusement, and maybe to spotlight some titles I’m carrying at American Damage that I want to write about. Hey, maybe you’ll want to buy them afterwards. I’m not going to be stopping you, and I’m sure as hell not going to be complaining.

Jordan Reyes, 3.5.19, 7:06 PM

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