Can I buy records in person?
Absolutely! I love setting up appointments for people to come by the store and buy records. Please reach out to me at jordan@american-damage.com

Can you write about me?
Honestly, probably not. This blog does not take writing submissions – these writings are solely for my pleasure, and are supposed to be relatively stress free for me. I know it can be hard to find someone to write about you, but they are out there! Don’t give up.

Can I send you my demo for release consideration?
Yes, you can. Send demos to jordan@american-dreams.zone – we cannot promise anything, especially since we are just getting off the ground, but will do our best to give a timely response.

Can I order your releases wholesale for my store?
Yes, you can. The Business in Anacortes will be largely handling domestic distribution, but feel free to drop us a line at jordan@american-dreams.zone, if you want to do direct